With over 30 years of professional experience, we can provide you with safe and reliable electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Residential Services

Panel Installation / Upgrade

Whether it's a new service entrance, upgrading fuses to breakers, installing a surge supressor to protect your electronics, or adding a generator panel to provide backup power, we can help!

Electric Heat

Need that new heat pump wired? No problem! We also install line or low voltage electric heat, right where you need it.

Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

Want a new look? We do Timers, Motion Sensors, and Dimmer Switches - any fixtures you want, professionally installed.

New Construction 

We keep up to date on all the new products and methods in the industry. Using the guidlines set by the Canadian Electrical Code, we will ensure that your new home or business is wired safely and properly, the first time.

Additions and Renovations

Whether it's a bathroom renovation, building your dream kitchen, or adding that garage or shed out back, we have the experience to install your new wiring safely and correctly. Need your home re-wired instead ? No problem !


Do you have a fuse blowing or a breaker tripping repeatedly? A light that blinks or dims, a heater that doesn't shut off, or intermittent hot water? We have the tools and training to provide a fast and dependable solution for whatever your electrical issue may be.

Commercial and Industrial Services

Rewiring and Service Upgrades

Businesses have to move with the times. Often this includes additions or upgrades to their electrical system. Rest assured we will handle any changes in a safe, efficient manner so you can concentrate on running your business.

Termination and Splicing of High Voltage Cables

Working with high voltage cables requires patience and precision. Whether you need 15, 25 or 35 kv splices, T-bodies, or load break elbows, we have the tools, training,  and hands-on experience to get it done right.

Maintenance and Repair of Systems and Equipment

We have years of experience in installation and maintenance. Single or three phase systems and equipment, light fixtures, fire alarms, motors, and motor controllers are a few examples of what we service. Talk to us: a preventative program can avoid costly repairs!

Underground Installations

Direct buried cable or conduit, 120 volt to 35kv, underground service, padmount transformers, vaults or URD installations - you can be sure your underground system will be done to the highest standard with B Teague Electrical.

Consulting Services 

If you are planning a new installation or making changes to an existing one, don't leave your electrical systems to chance. Our expert consultation will help ensure it's done right the first time. We will work with you to find the best and safest solution.

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Windfarm Planning, Installation, and Maintenance

Our experience in the field of windfarm planning, installation, and maintenance is extensive, from large or small wind installations, to underground collector systems, or windfarm substation and control building. From project planning and start up through to energization and project completion, we will make sure you are connected and producing power on time and under budget.  

Need help managing and maintaining your existing equipment? Call us about data monitoring and maintenance scheduling - we can accommodate your exact requirements.